Sunday, August 25, 2013

Julie's Victory Lap
Part 2:  Prom

    When Julie looks for a dress for a special occasion, it usually takes about ten minutes.  I have long given up planning major outings for this purpose.  Starting with her First Communion dress, which I thought would take the day and include lunch, the time spent was so short that it was still time for breakfast when we walked out of the shop.
     Last year was no different as Julie tried on two dresses and decided on the first selection.
    Since this year would be special because it was the Senior Prom, we decided that it would be fun to shop in Montreal for her gown.  We were going to be there anyway for our biennial trip to Marillion Weekend, so with a little research we found an entire shopping district that specialized in formal attire.
    So how many dresses did Julie try on that day?  Two.  The first one she picked out and tried on was the one she decided on.  She only tried on the second one because it seemed like she should.  After thumbing through the racks a bit more, it was a clear choice.  "Try it on once more to make sure," I suggested.  Ten minutes later we were outta' there and onto our next adventure.

     It was beautiful April evening and the "before Prom," Prom, and "after Prom" were all reportedly a "blast" so Julie and all of her friends had a great time.  Even Z made an appearance, enjoying time with his friends as well!



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