Sunday, August 25, 2013

Julie's Victory Lap 
Part 1:  The Best Commute Ever

     For the last two years we have had a commute to school and work that has been second to none.  Because of the locations of Julie and Z's schools, Metro, and Blair High School, the four of us have developed a routine that starts each work day with family fun.
     Beginning with a usual stop at our neighborhood Dunkin Donuts (where they practically know our order), we next head down Beach Drive, one of the DC area's premiere thoroughfares.  Watching the seasons change and the ebb and flow of early daylight is always a highlight, as is the occasional appearance of wildlife.  Deer are an ever-present inhabitant and are both beautiful and dangerous at the same time.
     Commuting together has also given us a chance for Chinese Prayer Practice!  Working on the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet in Mandarin is a wonderful way to start the day. The family that prays together...
     Upon our arrival at the Academy, both Julie and Steve get out of the car.  This has often been a strange sight for people who don't know us well, especially when I drive away and leave Steve behind!  The Metro is just a short distance from AHC so he walks directly from there.  Next is Georgetown Prep, just two minutes away, and Z's point of departure.  Finally, off to the Beltway for me, which, at that time of day is more like a race than a traffic jam with everyone in a hurry to get to their destinations...including me!
     Oh, was that the warning bell? Two minutes to spare.




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