Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Endangered Species

The other day was a bad day to find out that Z has never had a Twinkie.  What kind of mother must I be to have never offered one of these beauties in his lunch box?  Due to Hostess' announcement of immediate closure, I knew that by early evening, it might be difficult to find a box. (Maybe in a few weeks on eBay!)  After mentioning this to Julie, her response was, as expected, "Let's go...I'll drive."

Julie, Z, and I loaded into the minivan and headed out on our quest.  As I thought, the first store was cleared out.  Despite choosing what I thought might be the most obscure grocery store in our area, the shelves were stripped, with only a lonely box or two of Ding Dongs which, given the name, were to stay right there on the shelf.

So what now?  With time running out (because of other evening commitments) we sped to CVS.  I waited outside as the kids ran in.  Success.  Not a full box, however, but a couple of packs, which will do just fine.

I'm guessing we'll eat a few and save the rest...forever.  Because everyone knows that Twinkies never decompose.  As a scientist, this may be my last opportunity to test this one out.

I hope they're as good as I remember. Hey Z, whatdaya think?