Saturday, March 31, 2012

My Office Was A Hotel Room!

You might recall that the office I used during my year as a Fulbright Scholar at Peking University was ridiculously large, bigger than any office I will ever have in the United States. Complete with a black pleather sofa and a private bathroom, Desi liked to joke about how we could just bunk out in the School of Government. And there were plenty of days, while I was hard at work and the kids were over at BISS, when Desi spun by after an exhausting outing on the streets of Beijing and crashed on the pleather.

Fast forward several years, and there was a student in my office the other day who was visiting campus and trying to decide whether to pursue his Ph.D. at GW. Turns out, this student was an undergraduate at Peking University when I was there, and he had the inside scoop on the School of Government building. Yes, the Leo Koguan building was originally designed and constructed to be a hotel, only to be turned into an academic shop in the middle of things.

Thank you, campus planners!


Monday, March 26, 2012

October Baby

I have never left a theater weeping before.