Friday, February 17, 2012

The Cardiac Kids Strike Again!

“[This win shows] that we have pride and that we need to not do this again. I’m tired of doing this. This is a great win but we’re exhausted. This is a weird win for us. I’m so proud and everybody’s so proud, but at the same time, we need to stop doing this. We really need to stop doing this. [NC State] played well though and they hit shots. But [for Duke] to be down 20 in Cameron – it should never happen.”

That's Austin Rivers talking about coming from 20 points down with about 11 minutes to go to beat NC State last night in Cameron. Click here for highlights of the Seth Curry-fueled comeback.

Two comebacks for the ages in one week...Fun stuff for us fans!


Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Stylin' Around The Supermarket

For the last month and a half, I have staged a personal protest. With Montgomery County introducing a five cent bag tax, I have decided that I would rather unload my cart, reload my cart and fill the back of my mini-van with loose groceries. For me it is not only the principle (the food around here costs way too much as it is), but also an issue of food safety. I've been a psycho about certain foods touching for as long as I can remember, so while I am totally for green living (after all, I do have a BS in Environmental Science!), the thought of putting new foods in bags that may have previously held meat or eggs, grosses me out. I have refused to buy bags (unless absolutely necessary), and have decided not to invest in reusable bags, except for the one that I got for free because of a fifty dollar grocery purchase.

I'm guessing that this protest is not receiving rave reviews from my family. Perhaps this is because now everyone has to help bring in the groceries (and it takes so many more trips to the car to bring them in!). And while everyone has been supportive, my Valentine's gifts speak volumes. I was very touched by the thoughtfulness of Steve and Z, who chose some very interesting bags for me. Standing firm with me against the tax, they purchased a few doosies from Archie McPhee (the greatest store ever for pop culture merchandise).

Picture this: A box arrives from Archie McPhee stating that what is contained in the box is two pounds of Alaska Cod. Inside are four bags and...a surprise gorilla finger puppet!

My personal favorite bag is the one with the creepy face that says"Big Brother Is Watching You." Kind of sums it up for me. Another one (which I will not use for groceries because it speaks to the biology teacher in me) has a picture of a squid holding chopsticks that are grasping a tasty scuba diver. Also very appropriate is the one with the picture of bacon and eggs (this one will obviously be for meats and eggs...and will be washed frequently), as well as the one that states, "I use this bag because my wife cares about the environment" (which I will make sure Steve carries out of the store). The boys did a great job with their selections. My boys know me!

So while everyone else watches their flowers wilt and their candy slip right to their hips, I'll be shopping in style. It's sweet to know that when I take a stand, my boys (and my girl, too) back me up. I'll never have to buy a plastic bag again! Now if I can only remember to bring them into the store...

Happy St. Valentine's Day!


Monday, February 13, 2012

The AHC Father-Daughter Dance

A real highlight of the winter and Valentine's weekend!