Thursday, November 08, 2012

When We're Out On The Street

We just talk the way we wanna talk!

By her own admission, one of Desi's favorite little moments of the summer revolved around a standard-issue office chair.

For some weird reason, there was this rolly-chair, just sitting there in the middle of Zhongguancun Lu, the street where our apartment was located.  Now, mind you, Zhongguancun Lu is like the Rockville Pike of Beijing, a major thoroughfare with lots of shopping.  (It's known as the Silicon Valley of China for all of its electronics markets.)

This situation struck both Z and I as the perfect opportunity to kick back, chill out, and shoot the breeze for a few minutes.  Z manned the chair, while I leaned against the railing that separated the bike lane from the cars and buses.

All we needed was a Coke and a big bottle of Yanjing Pijiu!



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