Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The Tomb Of The Emperor Qianlong

One of the main reasons to make the trek all the way out to the Eastern Qing Tombs is to go inside the tomb of the Emperor Qianlong.

Blasted open and looted by a warlord after the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, the tomb is impressive both inside and out. Outside, the architecture is classic imperial in style, with gates, statues, walkways, and towers. Inside, there are lots of Tibetan-language carvings, which provide a kind of grandeur to the environment. The coffin itself, more than two-hundred years old, seems to be showing its age, and we are not too sure about any steps that are being taken to ensure its preservation for generations to come.

This is a ruler, by the way, who was roughly George Washington's contemporary, so here's a link to our first president's tomb, by way of comparison across cultures and political systems.



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