Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Julie's Qipao, Part II

There we were, making the trek back across town to Yashow Market, where Julie was having a traditional Chinese qipao custom made to her specifications.  For careful readers, you will already know that I was not thrilled to be going back to the land of aggressive, poor-English-speaking sales clerks.

Hello, want to make something?

Luckily, Julie had discovered a tailor who was very laid back, so after running the gauntlet, we were in a safe and quiet place at the very back of the market.

And, after all, this would be our second and last trip back.  We were just going there to pick up the completed qipao.  Right?


It turns out the qipao was not quite ready.  Some of the measurements had to be adjusted.  (Recall that a qipao is custom tailored to fit each person's specific measurements.)  Plus, Julie was interested in making some changes, to things like the collar.  So it was a worthwhile trip in support of a mission of securing a qipao that is a perfect style and fit.

If only we didn't have to go back to Yashow for a third time...argh!!!



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