Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Julie's Qipao, Part I

For years, Desi and I have promised Julie that we would buy her a qipao, the traditional patterned, fitted dresses that Chinese women have been wearing for centuries. This summer, we finally made good on that promise.

Part one of the process entailed finding a tailor with world-class materials and the skills to take all of the measurements that are needed to put together a piece of clothing that is meant to hug the body.

Unfortunately, this meant a trip to Yashow Market. I say unfortunately because this is a place I try to avoid at all costs. The prices are pretty high, designed to hit up all of the domestic and foreign tourists. The staff have been taught enough English so that it is like running a gauntlet.

Hello! Jacket! North Face! Canada Goose!

Hello! Want to make something?

Oh, well! Yashow Market does have some good tailors, so we decided to do business with a young woman who was very low key. And our choice turned out to be a good one.

That first visit was all about picking out a fabric and a style for things like the sleeves and the collar, as well as all of those aforementioned measurements. Good stuff, except for the fact that we were going to have to go back to Yashaow to pick up the qipao when it was completed.




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