Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chinese Monopoly

One day, while walking on the street in front of our apartment, Z came across a guy with a wooden cart, selling board games and other such fun stuff. Unable to resist (good move!), Z put down something like a buck-fifty to purchase the Chinese version of Monopoly.

This particular Chinese Monopoly is not a version of the game adopted for the streets of Beijing. There is no Zhongguancun Lu, Friendship Hotel, or anything like that. Rather, the board is simply translated from its Atlantic City English directly into Mandarin, and badly at that.

My personal favorite is Park Place. In the original, of course, Park Place is the second most expensive property, a very upscale name that connotes the high life of the rich and famous.

In the Chinese version, however, Park Place is translated as ting che chang...parking lot. Get it..Park Place...the place where you park...ah yes, the parking lot.



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