Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Z At The Edge Of The World

Even though we picked the cloudiest (most polluted?) day of our time in China so far for our first outing to the Great Wall, we nevertheless took in some spectacular vistas.

And we finally made it to the top of the Juyongguan section!

Eight years ago, this location was our first exposure to the Great Wall. Our 导游 (tour guide) told us, "Two hours!" That's how long we had to be on the Wall that day. Not enough!

As you can see, this particular section is especially steep, even by Great Wall standards. Maybe Desi is reading this post and breathing a sigh of relief that we knocked this climb out while she is safe on the other side of the world. Or maybe not, in which case we'll be happy to trek back to the top as a foursome!



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