Saturday, July 21, 2012

Varnishing Furniture On The Outskirts Of Beijing

Who knew that we would have to come half way around the world to have our first experience in varnishing outdoor furniture? (Our patio table and chairs back in the States are the cheap plastic kind.)

When a friend asked for our help in negotiating the local hardware marketplace, we jumped on the chance to learn some new vocabulary. They don't teach the Chinese word for "varnish" in ordinary Mandarin classes!

Plus, Z was able to apply his bargaining skills to a whole new set of products. In addition to varnish, there was thinner and sandpaper, as well as a couple of paint brushes. We think we did alright, as our total cost was RMB180, compared to RMB200 for a single can of varnish at a store that caters to English speakers.

Now let's see how long our varnish job actually lasts...



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