Sunday, July 22, 2012

The World's Longest Chain Of Escalators

The path up to Longqing Gorge involves a ride on what is advertised as the longest chain of elevators in the world. (Check the Guinness Book if you don't believe the hype, as it is supposedly listed.)

There were six separate escalators we had to ride to get to the top. Oh, and at the top is the largest dam in all of northern China. So this place really is the Three Gorges of greater Beijing!

In case you hadn't noticed, the six escalators are enclosed in a huge yellow dragon. To get onto the first escalator, you have to walk through the dragon's mouth.

Really what is impressive about the so-called "longest dragon in Asia" (look that one up, too) is not all of the kitsch (well, the kitsch is pretty impressive), is the fact that the entire structure is built along the side of a sheer mountain wall, a fact we did not fully appreciate until we up in the high reaches of the dragon's belly, looking out the windows at just how high we were and just how vertical the cliff is. Yikes!



At 12:48 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

That is the coolest thing!!! Nobody does things bigger than the Chinese. The London Opening Ceremonies aren't going to hold a candle to the ones four years ago!


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