Thursday, July 05, 2012

Flowers And Plants From Around The World

We recently had the chance to accompany some friends to the Beijing Shijie Huahui Da Guanyuan (北京世界花卉大观园). This might roughly be translated as the "Beijing Flower and Plant World."

On the large grounds of this botanical garden, located way in the south of Beijing, there are indoor and outdoor exhibits of plants and flowers from around the world. A building full of tropical plants. A re-creation of a desert landscape. An outdoor Japanese-style garden.

Maybe it was because we were there on a weekday, but we essentially had the place to ourselves. We actually often find this kind of loneliness to be the case when we venture into attractions that look like they could come right out of the West. Amusement parks fall into this category as well. Just another dislocating experience that peels another layer back and reveals just a little bit more about China's uncertain and ever-changing place in the world of culture and shared experiences.



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