Saturday, July 14, 2012


Caochangdi is a small, nondescript village outside of Beijing's 5th ring road. Caochangdi is also the home to an artist's colony that, along with 798 and Songzhuang, comprise some of the major players in the Beijing art scene.

The three of us enjoyed an exhibit of photos of horses on the Inner Mongolian grasslands, taken with corroded film so as to give off a feeling of something that is passing by or is already part of history.

Overall, though, the feeling was not one of strolling through art galleries, but rather one of watching art being created. There was a lot of construction going on, and a number of the gallery spaces were empty. For casual observers like ourselves, this was not a natural or intuitive experience.

We actually felt much more at home strolling through the alleyways of the adjacent neighborhood, with its DVDs ("Avengers" is in the house), cheap restaurants, and lively street action.

Perhaps a return trip when some major exhibit is open is in order...



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