Saturday, July 21, 2012

Alligators, Lambs, Villas...Oh, My!

During a recent visit to a hospital where the child of a friend is staying, we found ourselves astounded by a number of aspects of the facility's back story.

For starters, there was the pet alligator that is kept in a glass container in the lobby of one of the hospital buildings. It is apparently a pet of the head doctor.

Then there was the herd of lambs being shepherded right on the facility's property. Apparently, the head doctor likes his meat fresh.

Finally, the head doctor maintains a villa on hospital grounds. Although we have seen such villas at other hospital facilities, the contrast between the meager-looking hospital operation and the sight of a pair of minivans parked in a residential driveway was rather disorienting.

Then, to top it off, several of the patients in this hospital (really, a rehabilitation center) had come all the way from Russia. They don't speak the language, the facility looks pretty basic (I would imagine shocking to some), yet there are nevertheless foreigners who have come a long way to receive care in this setting.

The education of the Balla family continues...



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