Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Me, Chipotle, And The United States Border Patrol

I apparently caused quite a scene in our local Chipotle the other day, and I didn't even know it until I was told by Julie and Z.

It all started a few year back. 2007, to be precise. While on our second cross-country road trip, we spent a couple of days in El Paso, Texas. When looking for things to do, I noticed that El Paso is the home of the National Border Patrol Museum. We are big fans of the unusual, so we decided to check it out. What we encountered was a funky little museum that looked poorly funded. Exhibits chronicled border patrol practices dating back well over one hundred years. We decided to pick up some t-shirts, much like Julie did last summer at the Peking Man Museum outside of Beijing. A nice way to remember an offbeat experience.

Fast forward to the other day. My border patrol museum shirt is in my drawer, a shirt that is in my regular t-shirt rotation. I don't give much thought to wearing it, but I do like it, as it is black, a color which seems to be making up a bigger and bigger part of my wardrobe these days. All there is on the shirt is a little US Border Patrol logo on the front.

While ordering at Chipotle, I did notice that some of the young women behind the counter were talking quietly with one another, smiling, even laughing in a weird way. I paid very little attention, assuming that they were just having fun at work, joking around about stuff that I would have no way of comprehending.

When I walked outside where we were sitting, Julie and Z had these kinds of Cheshire cat looks on their faces. Julie, who is getting pretty good at Spanish, then told me that the workers at Chipotle had noticed the logo on my shirt. One worker was seemingly the most moved by my t-shirt, and was giving the heads up to the others. They were all apparently eyeballing what I was wearing.

There was also some talk about making sure they were ready, something cryptic like that (cryptic, at least, to us across the counter, half hearing a conversation in a foreign language). You can ask Julie for the details. All I know is that I just wanted some tacos...



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