Thursday, June 21, 2012

Marillion At Their Best

On their current North American tour, Marillion are playing a series of paired gigs in select cities. These are back-to-back concerts in the same venue, with completely different set lists.

The four of us made the trek up to New York City to catch Marillion's two shows at Irving Plaza, a venue where we caught Living Colour back in 2001. (The opening line to "Open Letter to a Landlord" took on new meaning in the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks..."Now you can tear a building down, but you can't erase a memory...")

After several hours of queuing, we ended up on the rail in front of Pete Trewavas, where we took in one of the most brilliant Marillion show we have ever witnessed. As H has said, the night "will remain an unforgettable high."

Asylum Satellite #1 (A great, atmospheric opener.)
You're Gone
(You know you're in for a great one when "Easter," an all-time Marillion classic, is the fourth song of the night.)
Fantastic Place
A Voice from the Past
Ocean Cloud
(Are you kidding me!? A spectacular rendition of this beautiful, haunting 20-minute epic.)
Power (Starting to learn this new song after a second time through.)
This Town
The Rakes Progress
100 Nights
Happiness is the Road
(With the main set ending, the crowd kept up the "happiness is the road" chant until the band came back out.)

Invisible Man

Sugar Mice
Man of a Thousand Faces

As Steve Rothery has posted..."I've never known the band to be playing this well at the beginning of a tour. It can only get better :-)"


PS: Check out the concert, which is available for download.


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