Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Return To Tianzuo Guoji

In a Balla family first, we actually know ahead of time where we are going to be living during the summer.

You may recall, that in the past, our Beijing housing arrangements have come down to the last minute before being finalized (see here, here, and here for the stress-inducing details).

Just the other day, in an unexpected development, the owner of an apartment in Tianzuo Guoji, a high-rise complex on Zhongguancun Lu where we lived two years ago, sent me an email announcing that his place is going to be empty this summer. I characterize this turn of events as unexpected because, a few months back, I reached out to the owners of all of the apartments where we have lived over the past few years, inquiring as to whether their respective units would be available this summer. In all three instances, the news I received was not good.

And so it was off to The Beijinger and Craigslist Beijing all over again, to start from scratch. Of course, in a predictable rags to riches kind of way, just when I was zeroing in on not just one, but two potential apartments, Tianzuo Guoji suddenly came back into the picture when the current tenants decided to move out earlier than scheduled.

What this means is that, for the first time ever, when we get off the plane in Beijing, we will actually know where our home is located. We will actually be returning to a place where we have lived before. The unknowns will be of a much more mundane variety. For me, the current burning mystery concerns sleeping arrangements, namely...

Will Z sleep in a cubby under the spiral staircase? Although Z is probably close to a foot taller than last time we lived in this apartment, he is promising to camp out down there in the corner. Stay tuned...



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