Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hot Rods And Harleys

Julie, Z, and I stumbled right into quite the event this past weekend in Jersey. Growing up just two blocks from downtown Rahway, it was always fun to have summertime events within earshot. Holiday parades, the 4th of July bike races...all of it good stuff!

And so, upon hearing that there was a car and motorcycle festival going on down the street, the three of us decided to stroll on down and take a look. Wow, are we glad we did!

Two stages of live music, with plenty of ZZ Top crankin', as one might expect at an event like this.

Lots of cool motorcycles..and not just Harleys. There was a Can-Am three-wheeler that plenty of people were waiting to sit on.

There was food galore, everything from barbecue to Southern soul food to a doo-wop hot dog stand with Elvis Presley slinging the dogs.

But the real stars of the show were the cars. Literally, hundreds of cars. From the very earliest days, with wooden-spoke tires, through lots of classic 1970s Corvettes (man, I made a lot of models of those when I was a kid!), all the way up to the present. There was even a funny car!

Ain't that America...



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