Monday, April 23, 2012

From Midnight Bingo At Bishop Ahr To Post Prom At Dave & Buster's

Back when I was in high school, my dad always worked the Father's Club midnight bingo on Saturday nights.  It was something that he was not too fond of, and he still occasionally reminisces about it all of these years later.  How he would take a nap after dinner for a few hours.  How the place would be filled with cigarette smoke.  How his entire weekend would be thrown off.

But he did it anyway, because, well, that's what he does.  (I'm thinking about all of those trips down to DC this year, to watch various theatrical performances.)

And now, twenty-five years later, it is my turn.  (I can see that smile on your face, Dad!)

The call went out on Friday during the day that there was a shortage of dad's from the Father's Club to chaperon the post-prom event at Dave and Buster's.  Yes, this past Friday night, as you can see, was the prom at Holy Cross.

My little role in all of the fun was to head over to Dave and Buster's while the gang was still at the hotel where the prom was being held.  Once the Dave and Buster's staff cleared out the place, it was up to us parents to get things ready to go for an all-Holy Cross event from midnight until 2:30 a.m.

(As an aside, I really enjoyed walking up to Dave and Buster's, seeing the sign posted about a "private party," and for once being associated with that private party!)

The girls and their dates were really, really lucky, to have the entire Dave and Buster's to themselves, with food, drinks, games, prizes.

As for us dads, we keep a constant patrol and watch on the doors.  We ate and drank soda and coffee.  We chatted about our kids and lives.  And we even played a few shoot 'em up games, shot some hoops, and swung some golf clubs (for me, it was a return to the Harbour Town Golf Links).

So, there you go, Dad...What goes around has certainly come around!



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