Friday, April 27, 2012

Bring On Your Wrecking Ball 

With field seats for Bruce's fall show at Nationals Stadium in the house, here is a post Julie wrote a few weeks back on our last encounter with the E Street Band...

A couple of weeks ago, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band brought it live at the Verizon Center in front of a sold-out crowd. A life-long fan, I have never been disappointed by the extreme stamina and talent of the E Street Band, and that night was no exception.

With such a deep history of music, the E Street Band played a combination of some of their oldest pieces, as well as a bunch from their latest album, Wrecking Ball. Their experience and talent kept them going through numerous requested pieces and oldies that hadn't been performed in decades. I was especially impressed by the ability of the band's newest member, Jake Clemons, the nephew of Clarence Clemons who passed away this past year. This young saxophone player had some huge shoes to fill, but he rolled right along with the crazy atmosphere of the E Street Band's improvisation.

My favorite part of the evening, though, was watching the music I had been listening to for weeks come to life. On the stage, the reality of the lyrics Springsteen writes mean so much more. For me, this is the reason live performance is so much greater than recordings of any kind. Watching the artist feel the words he writes, or even watching the actor delve into the character he has created, is a communication with the audience that transcends what is possible on TV and in movies. This, I realized, is why I love acting on a stage where human connection with the audience is made possible.



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