Friday, March 02, 2012

Photo Session At 798, Beijing

Today's photo of the day over at China Digital Times is one I snapped last summer in Beijing. It was an outing to the 798 art district, a trendy place for both foreign tourists and young Chinese alike. While the rest of the Balla gang was inside a particular shop or gallery, I sat outside, watching the beautiful people pass me by. This handsome young couple came up, with a duo of apparently hired photographers in tow. Right in front of me, they set up a shot of the two of them, arm in arm, looking into each others' eyes. The scene, complete with the photographer in that classic Chinese squat, struck me as one little moment in the life of a China that continues to change and produce bewildering visuals. So I jumped up, got my own camera in place, and snapped away. Desi, Julie, and Z came back out, and off we went, continuing our own mashed-up old China, new China lives...



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