Monday, March 05, 2012

Our Leetle Leezard Friend

For the past three years, I have been pressuring my parents to let me buy a lizard. Holidays and birthdays have come and gone, lizard-free. Because my birthday was last week, I decided to make my annual case for why I should have a lizard. Apparently, my argument has become more compelling, because this year I was able to convince my mom to let me get a lizard.

So when Georgetown Prep had the day off for some reason unknown to the students, my mom decided to join me on my day off and laze around town. Our adventures eventually brought us to PetSmart. On entering the store, I made a last attempt to convince my mom to let me get a bearded dragon. Mom decided that we could reach a compromise by buying a smaller lizard, in this case, an anoli.

After a long and tiring debate, we came to an agreement, and went to find the attendant. We found the attendant getting some crickets for a woman who just happened to own a bearded dragon. When the woman heard that we were getting an anoli, she joined in on the conversation and proceeded to tell us that doing so would be a mistake and that bearded dragons were better and easier to take care of.

Upon hearing this, my heart lifted. My mom and I talked to the woman and the attendant (who also happened to own a bearded dragon), and they argued that buying a bearded dragon was the better choice. The attendant showed us all the supplies that we would need, and talked about how low maintenance they are to watch and that we would be able to find someone to watch it over the summer easily.

After about a half hour of more thinking and arguing, we decide that a bearded dragon was the right call. I was so excited and set up the cage as soon as we got home. After three long years, my birthday wish has finally come true!



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