Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A New Beijing Airport?

Here's one that strikes me as a bit weird...The Chinese government has announced plans to build a new airport in Beijing, just a few years after Terminal 3 at Beijing Capital International Airport opened up in time for the 2008 Olympics. Mind you, at the time, Terminal 3 was the largest in the world, by itself bigger than all of London's Heathrow.

I naively assumed that Beijing was now good-to-go with airports, especially as the capital city's period of ridiculous expansion appears to pretty much be over. But, apparently, even spacious Terminal 3 is at capacity, which shows how little my eyes perceive in the area of transportation. For our part, we have always enjoyed having plenty of space, really having the place pretty much to ourselves.

As for the new airport, it is supposedly slotted for a 2017 opening, and will be located to the southeast of the city, toward the populated part of Hebei Province and the city of Tianjin. Along with the airport, there will be a need for roads and rail, a transportation network connecting to the center city what right now must be a pretty sleepy area of farmland. A summertime expedition, Balla family?



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