Monday, February 06, 2012

Me And My Little Audience

The Social Science Research Network is a website where researchers like myself can disseminate their work, posting paper drafts and published articles in a central clearinghouse where they can be searched and accessed. I did this with an article I recently wrote on the politics of the Chinese Internet, as I had published a blog post about the article and wanted to provide interested readers with a link to the complete paper.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I get an email in my inbox, notifying me that my paper has made a number of top ten lists. Top ten lists!? Yes, apparently, in the past 60 days, my paper is one of the top ten most accessed papers in a number of categories. Read below, from the actual email...

Your paper, "INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY, POLITICAL PARTICIPATION, AND THE EVOLUTION OF CHINESE POLICYMAKING", was recently listed on SSRN's Top Ten download list for: Chinese Studies eJournal - Forthcoming, EAS Subject Matter eJournals, ERN: Positive Analysis of Policy-Making & Implementation (Topic), East Asian Studies Research Network and LSN: Legal Information & Government (Sub-Topic).

With a little further research, I discovered my exact ranking in each of the categories...

Chinese Studies eJournal - Forthcoming Top Ten...#1
EAS Subject Matter eJournals Top Ten...#2
ERN: Positive Analysis of Policy-Making & Implementation (Topic) Top Ten...#7
East Asian Studies Research Network Top Ten...#2
LSN: Legal Information & Government (Sub-Topic) Top Ten...#1

Before you get too impressed by all of this top ten activity, continue reading from my email...

As of 01/27/2012, your paper has been downloaded 11 times.

Yes, you read it right...11 times! I wonder how many records Bruce has to sell to make it onto top ten lists. Something tells me it is a tad bit more than 11!



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