Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Public Performance Near Panjiayuan, Beijing

The folks over at China Digital Times have, once again, chosen a picture I took as their photo of the day.

This photo, taken this past summer on an early Saturday morning, captures a public performance being put on by a band of school children. The children are wearing their school uniforms, complete with the ubiquitous red scarves. I stood behind their director to catch them playing in a small park on a street neat Panjiayuan, Beijing's famous dirt market, where Z has spent innumerable hours haggling with merchants over treasures that now adorn his room in Silver Spring.

As for me, as I have posted about before, trips to Panjiayuan are exercises in distractions. Not much interested in the trinkets, clothes, metal works, and other items on sale in the rows of small stalls, I spend my time trying to come up with tasks to keep me tuned in while the rest of the gang shops 'til they drop. That morning, I was on the prowl for some street breakfast food (a quest that was ultimately successful), when I came across those young players and their director. I was compelled to watch this little street performance, and inch into position to take a picture that is, for the day, being seen by China watchers from around the world. Pretty cool!



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