Monday, November 21, 2011

My Hour In Canada

I had the chance the other day to spend an hour or so in Canada. Located sixteen or so blocks down Pennsylvania Avenue from my office, the Canadian Embassy invited me to come by and give a lecture to a group of government officials. These officials were visiting from Ottawa, learning about how Washington works. And so I regaled our visitors (or was I the visitor?) with tales of "The Regulatory System in America: Past, Present, and Future."

Because of the global economic malaise, regulation is actually kind of a hot topic these days, for the first time in like fifteen years. For its part, the Canadian government is interested in harmonizing regulatory regimes on both sides of the border, as a means of facilitating trade and economic exchanges in general. At least there are a few officials up there in Ottawa who know just a little bit more about just how difficult that task is likely to be...


PS: I delivered my lecture in the "Canada Room." I don't know...That name just kind of tickled me...


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