Wednesday, October 05, 2011

World Wide Day of Play

Yes, I may be a junior in high school, but I am still obsessed with Nickelodeon. I get extremely excited when there is a new episode of iCarly or Victorious, and love the actors from both shows. Naturally, I follow all of them on Twitter and am always looking for a chance to meet a few of these personal inspirations.

So how do you think I reacted when I found out that practically everyone from Nickelodeon would be here, in DC, attending World Wide Day of Play? Lets just say there was no chance I wasn't going to be there! The entire week leading up to Saturday, September 24, I was completely ecstatic and full of anticipation.

When we first got downtown, everything was crowded. Between the Solar Decathlon, the World Bank Meeting, the National Book Festival, and World Wide Day of Play, the thousands of people and cars adds up pretty quickly. So Mommy and Daddy dropped Z and I off where we could walk to the Ellipse on the National Mall, the location of the World Wide Day of Play events. We started exploring the whole area immediately. It was full of all kinds of sporty activities for little kids including a batting cage, tennis courts, a basketball court, and a giant stage was set up on the east side for the Big Time Rush concert. Our eyes set on meeting some famous people rather than waiting on long lines, we made our way to the stage area and the obstacle course, just in time to hear screaming...



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