Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Pad Frenzy

Warning: This post may not be for everyone. If feminine products make you blush, check out some of our other posts instead.

On that note, it has taken me three years to get up the courage to write this one. I can no longer contain myself, because this is a part of Chinese culture that has tickled me since I first stepped into a Chinese grocery store.

We all know that Willie Wonka is the candy king. When he opens those doors to the chocolate factory, even the pessimist cannot help but be delighted. This is the analogy that comes to my mind when I recall walking into our local Beijing Carrefour (kind of like a Chinese Walmart) in search of, well, I think you know. As I turned down the aisle, I felt that Mr. Wonka must have been their stock boy. In this way there seemed to be no end to the types of pads available to Chinese women. The different sizes, shapes, and package colors almost caused my system to overload.

One of the markings on the packages that I can't help but mention is the size of these babies...in centimeters. The 410cm model is particularly impressive...I commented to Steve that it looks more like a landing pad than a maxi pad.

All kidding aside, the marketing of feminine products in China is brilliant. Brightly colored pastel packages with pictures of cartoon bunnies take the sensitivity right out of the equation. In a country where privacy is not something that is highly valued, natural bodily functions are a non-issue. Maybe there's a lesson in there somewhere!

There...I did it!



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