Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bucket List Entry Checked Off

[Editor's note: With the North Carolina State Fair kicking off today in Raleigh, here is a post that Desi penned after last year's road trip. It's one of the ones that got away. And a good one at that.]

Ever since I was a kid, I imagined myself shooting the red star out of one of those cards you see on the midways of fairs and amusement parks. I even planned it in my mind...I'll shoot around the border of the star itself, slowly and deliberately, lining up the shots on each edge.

Did I ever ask my folks for the five bucks it would cost to try it? No, never. It just seemed like too much of a splurge...Even though the prizes always looked so good.

This time, though, I wouldn't be denied, so I nudged Z and told him to join me over at the "Machine Gun" stand. "Really?" he asked. "Actually," I said, "go and ask Daddy for some cash first." (I try not to carry a purse at the fair if I don't have to!)

So with six dollars in hand (three for each of us...a bargain in my mind!), Z and I headed over and wielded our weaponry.

Suffice it to say that it was not as easy as I had imagined. Not by a long "shot." I should have known when the guy behind the counter ducked...just kidding! Seriously though (well, as serious as you can be about a game), it was nothing like I thought. The paper kept blowing backwards as I shot at it. As you can see by the photo, not only did I not shoot out the red star...I didn't even get one shot through the red star! Unfortunately my showing here was not quite as good as our shooting contest a couple of years ago in Texas when I took on all the Ballas and emerged victorious.

While there was no reward in it for me this time (Steve was probably relieved that we didn't have to cart a life-size cheetah back to Maryland anyway!), the real prize was sharing that moment with Z. He wasn't expecting it, which made it all the better!



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