Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Traveling Coach

Datong is a third-tier city, located in Shanxi Province, a relatively undeveloped and poor part of China where coal is king. (It has been called the West Virginia of the Middle Kingdom.) Datong is also home to a number of historical sites that date back 1500 years, sites that Desi has been itching to see for years. (More on these sites in later posts.)

And so, there we were, riding on a big coach bus, a six-hour trip between Datong and Beijing. The other option at our disposal, an overnight train ride on nothing but hard seats, for some reason just didn't seem to cut it!

One of the advantages of buying bus tickets early (Read: A whole four hours prior to departure!) is that we nabbed the first four seats. Seats 1-4 were located right above the driver, at the front window on the upper level.

For Julie and Z, this meant a comfortable first use of the portable DVD player they picked up in the shadow of the Bell and Drum Towers. (After many years of looking for just the right deal.) We also had a bird's eye view of all of the impenetrable highway signs (click on the pictures to take a closer look...).

Such as...

Rear End Collision
Keep Space

And this one...

Rainy or Snowy Day
Bridge, Slow Driving

And, finally, my personal favorite...

Don't Try Fatigue Driving


PS: Why would highway signs in China be "translated" into English anyway?


At 1:52 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

Obviously it's the foreigners who don't know how to drive - not the native Chinese! :)

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