Thursday, September 01, 2011

The Perch

Right outside of our apartment where we lived this summer in Beijing, there is a long park that runs down the middle of a highway. Running in the middle of the park is a mound of dirt that was once a wall.

[Editor's note: The wall dates back to the Yuan Dynasty, something like a thousand years ago.]

The wall ends at an intersection, where it meets the road in the form of a watchtower. The small tower is still standing and is easily accessible from the road. Though the tower is run down, filled with shrubs and broken stone, it provides a great view of the surrounding buildings.

When we got the chance, we ventured up to this hidden treasure of Beijing and took a look around. You can see down the road for miles and the birds flying through the skyscrapers. It is a wonderful, peaceful place to sit and enjoy the outstanding view.



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