Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our Marillion Playlist

During a recent road trip, we spent a few minutes in the car building a playlist of indispensable Marillion songs. Each one of us got to choose five songs (on our own, without hearing about the others' choices) that we would pick if these were the only Marillion songs we could listen to (a desert island kind of thing). With thirty years of music to choose from, talk about some tough decision making!

Here's what we came up with...

King of Sunset Town
Man of a Thousand Faces
This the the 21st Century
Invisible Man

The Space
This Strange Engine
Map of the World

Sugar Mice
Ocean Cloud
Don't Hurt Yourself

The Space
Afraid of Sunlight
Man of a Thousand Faces
Map of the World
Invisible Man

Our resulting playlist consists of the fourteen songs that were listed by at least one of us. A couple of observations...

"Easter " was listed by all of us except for Z. Not surprising that "Easter" got the most votes, as it is generally considered one of the high water marks in Marillion history.

None of us listed "The Great Escape." That's another one that is widely acclaimed to be one of the all-time greats. And it certainly is on the short list of favorites for all of us. Maybe we were all just expecting everyone else to put it on their lists...

"Map of the World" definitely resonates with this family, given our dual lives in Beijing and Washington, DC.

Speaking of Beijing, the accompanying picture was taken last summer at the very place about which the lyrics (from "King of Sunset Town") on Julie and Z's shirt were written..."A pretty sight it seemed to be, An avenue of eternal peace."



At 7:21 AM, Anonymous Katie Edwards said...

perfect. family.

Not to be creepy or anything, but I love you all. Mainly collectively. I mean I love you all individually of course, but then collectively, it's just BAM. DYNAMITE.

I hope you don't think I'm too weird. If you do, blame it on the concussion.

Love always, Your most-dedicated stalker

At 10:55 AM, Blogger Julie Balla said...

Right back at ya!!!!!!!


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