Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Nine Dragon Screen

On our last day in Datong, we decided to explore the inside of the new city wall. Nine Dragon Screen is one of the main attractions in that area.

After hopping into a cab and buying our 10 kuai tickets, we went to the tiny alcove reserved for one of the three famous Chinese nine dragon screens. It is the largest of the three (the other two are located in Beijing, at Beihai Park and the Forbidden City, respectively) and is surrounded by a small, shallow pond, winding paths, steles, and, of course, a gift shop.

The wall is bigger and more vibrant than the other two major nine dragon screens. It lacks color in only a few spots, and the size of the dragons is impressive. There are several old steles that have been pushed off to the side.

I found the gift shop to be very strange. I had no idea what product could be sold at such a small place. It turned out that they sold jewelry, paper cutouts, teapots, postcards, and atlases. It may have been the weirdest gift shop I have ever been to.

All in all, the Nine Dragon Screen was impressive and its setting quaint.



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