Thursday, September 15, 2011

It All Ends: Part 3

So now you know all about the hunt for the Deathly Hallows in China, but what about the movie itself? Well Z and I both thought it was spectacular! As the one who hasn't made it to the seventh book in the series yet, I am normally far more sympathetic to the movies than Z is, but I have no doubt that Z was thrilled with what we saw on the big screen too (big is a relative term!). Here are a few of my favorite highlights...

When Ron, Harry, and Hermione break into Gringotts, particularly the safe of Belatrix, and everything they touch begins to multiply. Well done to the special effects people!

The dragon that the trio rode out of Gringotts was adorable, especially when he couldn't fly at first and crashed through the rooftops!

Professor McDonagall's excitement regarding the upcoming war at Hogwarts. (Z's favorite line in the whole movie was when she said, "BOOM!")

Neville accidentally taking out all of the werewolves and barely surviving.

Ron and Hermione destroying the horrorcrux in the Chamber of Secrets.
When Ron kicked Ravenclaw's Diadem into the Room of Requirement just in the nick of time.
Neville's heroic speech to Voldemort and his killing of Nagini.

Voldemort and the death eaters laughing hysterically moments before they realize Harry Potter is still alive.

Snape's touching memory of Lily Potter.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and Malfoy saying goodbye to their kid on the Hogwarts express, looking almost the same as they looked nineteen years earlier.

And many, many more...



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