Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Civilized Driving?

Even though I suspect many of you would be hanging on for dear life as a taxi driver wings you along the roads of Beijing, the four of us have come to recognize the civilized nature of big city transportation, even in the great driving frontier that is today's China. Just in case we were beginning to take all of this civilization for granted, all we needed to do is head to small city China and experience driving the old school way.

Enter Datong, a wee city of 3.11 million people, a place where dotted lines mean nothing. Hey, even solid lines are no deterrent when one needs to get around slower moving traffic!

As we made our way out to Xuankong Si (a 1500 year old hanging monastery...stay tuned for stories and incredible pictures...), heading up through a mountain pass, the paved road ahead had been rendered impassable by a rock slide. And so onto the dirt it was! Bumping, jostling in our minibus, the same rules of the road applied...

Passing on the right? No problem! Just be sure to honk as you go by!

Somehow, it all works...



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