Friday, August 26, 2011

Make That Ten Shots!

As many of you know, the rabies vaccination is a series of shots. As I went back to the hospital for my eighth and second to last shot, by that point I had been cured of my fear of shots.

(Editor's note: As a kid, Z once famously hid out under a table in the doctor's office, trying to avoid a needle!]

With no fear, I went in, pulled up my sleeve, and waited for the nurse. The nurse wiped the spot where she was to put the needle and inserted the syringe. Immediately, the syringe turned red as it filled up with blood. The nurse had accidentally put the needle into a blood vessel.

The nurse quickly pulled the needle out, because if the rabies vaccine went into my blood, as the nurse described it, "The reaction would be drastic."

After many apologies and after talking with the doctor, the nurse said that she would fill a new syringe and inject it into my other arm. The nurse was so worried about what had happened that she made another nurse do the injection. And so I walked away with not one, but two holes in my arms...



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