Monday, July 11, 2011

Only in China

After a day out on the town in Beijing, everyone needs a nice slow walk through the local neighborhood park. Most apartments have a local exercise area or some nearby public park. But what do you do when the community park is a World Heritage Site?

Well, the other day, after a Balla day out and about in Beijing, we decided to head over to the Old Summer Palace, one of the best parks in Beijing, as well as the old vacationing spot of ancient dynasties. After a couple hours of strolling, chatting, and playing badminton, we stopped at a bathroom in a remote part of this enormous expanse. It is located right on the threshold between lakes loaded with lotus and low brick buildings of an old neighborhood. For such an out-of-the-way spot, though, there sure seemed to be a lot of people around.


Well, this is what we found.

My new question: Will we ever pay to get into Yuan Ming Yuan again?



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