Friday, July 15, 2011

My Hair Cutting Dilemma

Here in Beijing, I can go out to the street corner and get my head shaved for less than a buck. Here is what the scene looks like at the major intersection adjacent to our apartment. A couple of guys, under a bridge, cutting hair.

One of these guys quickly became Desi's "Hi Guy," a friendly way of luring this waiguoren in for a cut. There's been only one problem...

A couple of nights ago, I went get a shave, and "Hi Guy" was busy cutting someone else's hair. The chair next to "Hi Guy" was open, and that shifu motioned me to sit down. I was about to take him up on the offer, when "Hi Guy" said, "No, sit over here and wait!"

Oh boy, two street barbers fighting over my bald head! What to do!?

My solution, in real time, was to walk away and not get in the middle of this contest. Now, though, I have to walk by these guys in shame every time I head to the bus stop...


PS: We subsequently had the chance to travel to the countryside, far from Beijing. There, in a small village, I got my head and goatee shaved for about 60 cents...


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