Wednesday, July 13, 2011


You may think that Peking Duck is just another meat that tastes like chicken, but there is actually a very specific way to prepare and eat this Beijing specialty:

1. You take one tortilla-like pancake out of the basket and place it flat on your plate.

2. Next you place three pieces of duck, no more and no less, on your pancake, layered like steps.

3. In one careful motion, pick up all three slices with your chopsticks and dip them into Hoison sauce before placing them in the upper right corner of the pancake.

4. Then lay some thin strips of onion, cucumber, or both on top of the duck.

Here comes the tricky part...

5. With chopsticks in your right hand and with a spoon in your left, begin rolling the pancake. First take the small edge on the right and hold it on top of the filling with the spoon. After that, fold the bottom half upwards, keeping it firmly in place again with the spoon. Finally, roll the flat part until the duck is tightly bundled.

6. Now you carefully pick it up with your chopsticks with the open part facing you.

7. As much as it may seem like your duck roll is too beautiful to destroy, the ends justify the means. Enjoy!



At 7:08 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

Mmm! Our favorite Chinese meal! You're a total expert - our wraps always end up fairly messy... :)


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