Monday, July 18, 2011

Human Pin Cushion

The doctor at the village clinic told me to go outside and wash my foot off in a grimy-looking sink. After doing this, we went inside where the doctor put some anti-bacterial stuff on it. Then the doctor said I would need a tetanus and rabies shot. He also said that I should get the immunoglobin injection as well.

After talking with a doctor in Beijing on the phone, it was decided that I would get the tetanus shot in the village and then go back to Beijing for the rabies and immunoglobin shots. This was because there are multiple shots over a period of time and all of the shots need to come out of the same batch.

After getting tested to see if I would have a reaction to the tetanus shot, the doctor gave it to me and we went back to our friend's house to get our things. A driver then took us to the nearest town, where we could hire a driver to take us back to Beijing.

After the several hour drive, we arrived in Beijing, where we split up. Julie and Dad took our stuff home, while Mom and I went to the hospital. We spent three hours at the hospital, where I received multiple shots in the emergency room. I received the first two rabies injections in my left arm. That totaled out to three shots in my left arm, which meant that it would be sore for a while.

Then we spent the next half hour watching the nurse fill syringes with six, big bottles of immunoglobin. She told us that the liquid is really thick and she has to get all the liquid out of the bottles. She ended up getting it into two syringes. One syringe had eight milliliters, while the other had four milliliters. The eight milliliters had to be injected into my foot and the four milliliters could be injected anywhere else.

The doctor came in to inject the eight milliliters into my foot. He kept saying that it sounded cruel, and i couldn't figure out why. And then he injected it...

He put the needle in sideways under the bite wound. It took several minutes to inject it. Those were the most painful minutes of my life.

When the doctor finished, my leg was vibrating, my face was red, and I had made fingernail marks in my mom's arm.

I still had to have the four milliliter injection as well. Now I saw why the doctor called it cruel. My foot now had a huge bubble of immunoglobin inside it. The bubble took ten minutes to finally seep into my muscle.

Then the nurse came in to inject the last four milliliters. There was controversy over where to inject it. It was decided to inject it into my thigh. This injection surprisingly did not hurt, even though it took several minutes to inject. I then had to stay in the hospital for another half hour under observation.

As I said before, the rabies shot is a series. I had received the first two injections, but I still required three more. I had my next shot this past Saturday, and then there is one this coming Wednesday. As they say in Chinese, zhen mafan!

We will never know for sure if this dog has rabies, and we are 99.9 percent sure that it does not (the dog has apparently bit ten other people, and all of them are fine). But better safe than dead!



At 2:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey! Its ariana, my dad showed me this and i felt SO bad! Honestly, like 20 shots in one day i would be crying!!!!! Well, i hope you feel better, i couldnt even survive one shot i got earlier...i hope you you have a good time there in china....i've been swimming my whole summer and it sounds like so much fun in asia! tell julie alessandra says hi, she misses her! Bye!

At 5:55 AM, Blogger vivida said...

I never know it takes a series of so many shots to treat the dog bite. I hope Z is feeling much better by now. Take care!

At 7:06 PM, Blogger Leslie said...

OMG! I don't know what would make me more nervous - unsanitary dog bite or unsanitary needle injections! Good luck with the rest of your treatments, Z, and stay away from dogs!


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