Sunday, July 17, 2011

Dog Bite

This past Wednesday, I was attacked and bitten by a dog. This is the story of how it happened.

This past week, we were visiting some of our friends. They are farmers in the countryside of China. We planned on staying with them for five days. The houses in the village are enclosed courtyards with several small, brick buildings. We stayed in one of the courtyard buildings.

On our first day there, we spent most of the time biking around and settling in. We woke up early the next morning and had a quick breakfast. We freshened up and hopped into their tractor to go to a nearby village to buy some things at the market. We bought drinks and snacks, toys and shoes, and several garbage cans.

After we went into the first few shops, I decided to sit outside with Mom, Julie, and one of our friends. Dad was looking at clothes, so I then decided to join him. After taking a quick look through the product, we headed back to the tractor.

There was a two foot wall separating us from the tractor, so rather than go around it, I jumped over it. Turns out, I landed in a make-shift dog pen.

I didn't realize this at first. Then I noticed some dog poo and a metal chain leading into a bush.

I then saw the dog, lying in the shadows.

I took another step toward the tractor. The dog growled. When I lifted my foot again, it jumped up and ran at me.

I turned and ran, but did not make it.

It got a hold of my shoe, so I kicked backwards and jumped over the makeshift fence. I then half jumped, half limped, and pulled myself up into the tractor.

Mom was shouting, "Are you bit?" over and over again. I kept saying, "No, I only got my shoe."

Then I looked under the tongue of my right shoe. The tongue was ripped and my sock was cut open. There was along, thick red line running across the top of my foot. Now I knew what the painful pressure on my foot was. I pulled off my shoe and sock, and Mom took out her Purell. She dumped it on the wound and checked the rest of my foot.

I was then helped to the local clinic, which was just around the corner.

To be continued...



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