Monday, July 04, 2011

Bumping Into Someone We Know In Tian'anmen Square!

I routinely pose a lame question whenever we are out and about exploring famous sites around Beijing..."I wonder if we'll see anybody we know today?"

Well, the one day when I don't make any such suggestions, guess what happens!?

There we were, walking along under the portrait of Chairman Mao, when Julie lets out with a "whooaaaa!" My immediate reaction was that there was some altercation going on between a tourist and a public security official. There had been at least one of these prior to Julie's exclamation, and every time I had missed out on seeing the action (which usually involved some kind of verbal argument, minor physical tussle, or a flat out chase).

This time, though, it was Julie spotting Yang Laoshi in the massive crowd. Yang Laoshi is a crucial figure in our early Chinese experiences, as she served as our landlady at the first apartment we rented years ago. We hadn't seen Yang Laoshi in years and figured we would never see her again, as she and her husband, Jiang Laoshi (a colleague of mine at Beida), live out past the Fifth Ring Road in extreme northwest Beijing.

And out of this chance meeting may come future opportunity, as Yang Laoshi told us that if we give her enough advance notice, she can give us our old apartment back when we come back to Beijing in the future. Upon hearing this news, Z has already planned out our summer of 2012!

Now if only we could spot Crazy Hair Guy somewhere around China...



At 2:04 AM, Blogger The Balla Family said...

As a quick follow up, I was working on revising an article and my phone rang. It was Julie, telling me that the three of them had just bumped into another old Beijing friend while shopping in a marketplace near our current apartment. It was none other than Xiao Gainan, Z's old buddy from Yan Bei Yuan. You can read about Xiao Gainan in this previous post...

What's next? Is Desi going to start bumping into her former students?



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