Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Beijing Pearl Tower

One of the most famous buildings in China is Shanghai's Pearl Tower, about which we have written before. Pretty much every city in China has one of these really tall towers. In Beijing, it is CCTV, the nation's official television station, that built the city's tower. Even though the tower is not far from where we have lived over the past few years, we have never gotten around to swinging by, riding up to the top, and checking out the view.

And so, the other day, when there were blue skies (and there have been way more such days this summer than during the past few), we rode the bus over on a late afternoon. By Chinese standards, the ride up is not cheap...more than ten American dollars. The reward, though, is absolutely spectacular views of the mega-city that is Beijing.


PS: Up on the top, we talked with some guys from China's western Qinghai Province, a mountainous area near Tibet. These guys quickly convinced me that we should go west and check out the cool temperatures and beautiful sites...


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