Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Power Of The Purse

Packed and ready to embark on our long journey around the world, the four of us left Bird Ave. in a Station Cab at 10am on a Wednesday morning with 8 suitcases in tow. At JFK Airport, we unloaded the van onto two carts and made our way to the Transaero check-in counter. Daddy handed the Russian lady our passports and turned around to see how the rest of us were doing. The woman then noticed Daddy's backpack...

Sir, is that your carry-on bag?

No, this suitcase is. The backpack is my personal item.

Our airline allows one piece of checked baggage and one carry-on bag. That backpack is too big to be your personal item.

OK...Then can we check an extra bag?

Yes...That will be $50.

Luckily, this mini-crisis was averted, even if it was a costly solution. But, of course the rest of us were worried now about our own personal items. After Daddy's bags were all taken care of, Mommy was up for inspection. Her regular size purse and pink suitcase passed without even a second glance. Next was Z, carrying a slightly smaller backpack than Daddy, although it was packed much tighter. The woman carefully inspected the backpack and came to the conclusion that it could pass if she put a Transaero sticker on it.

Finally, it was my turn, and I was really nervous. I mean, not only was my purse stuffed, it was actually bigger than Daddy's backpack, and no doubt it weighed more. First, the woman weighed my checked bag, then my carry-on. Then Daddy said, "And she has that purse."

Barely looking up from my passport, the woman replied, "Purses are no problem."

And, sure enough, this proved true, as we spent the rest of the day observing how every woman on that plane has a purse as big as Texas.


PS: The first time we went to the supermarket in Beijing, the man at the lockers on the way in made Daddy check his backpack, while Mommy, Z, and I got through just fine with our bags.

PPS: More experimentation to come on the power of the purse...


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