Friday, June 03, 2011

Gutter Guards!

When our back gutter partially fell down during a winter storm, I tried for the longest time (more than a year, actually) to reconfigure and refasten the hopelessly bent metal. This was a losing battle, however, as I discovered time and time again after ice, wind, or heavy rain.

And so it was that, this past weekend, I took the plunge and had six-inch, seamless gutters installed on the house.

Wait a minute!? A blog post on GUTTERS!? Yeah, as Julie put it..."Most dads get excited about a new car or something like that. For you, Dad, it's gutter guards."

Yes, not only did I spring for seamless versions (no more water dripping on our heads as we walk in and out of the house!) of extra-large gutters (the normal size is five inches), I also decided to throw gutter guards in for good measure. Will these devices save me time and hassle every spring and fall? Man, I sure hope so! For now, though, they sure look pretty! (See, Julie has it right! But, hey...If this is my mid-life crisis, then it's a cheap one!)

Need...more...gutter guards!!!



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