Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Domodedovo Airport

In contrast to Beijing's massive Terminal 3, which briefly held the title of "World's Largest Airport Terminal," Domodedovo Airport in Moscow is a study in compactness...and congestion. Designed so that passengers who are lining up to board flights stand right in the midst of passengers sitting down waiting for boarding calls, who it turn are right next to passengers eating at restaurants (including an Italian pizza joint and an Irish pub), Domodedovo is an unusual mish-mash of humanity in this day and age of the sterile airport environment.

Although I like the chaos in principle, given our jet lag, heavy eyes, and figidity legs, I really could have gone for an airport with more room for personal space and a bit of peace and quiet.

That said, the pizza wasn't half bad! (For those of you keeping score at home...Yes, Desi missed an opportunity to eat borscht while in the land of meat and potatoes.)



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