Monday, May 02, 2011

Marillion Weekend, Day 3: Swap The Band

On the third day of the Marillion Weekend, there was a special concert in the afternoon. They called it "Swap the Band". We all assumed that "Swap the Band" meant that they would be swapping out members of the band for people in the audience. That is just what happened.

There had been auditions beforehand, and a select few were chosen to sing or play an instrument on stage. Along with the "Swap the Band", there were several other events. The concert began with the drawing of a raffle. The money went towards fighting cancer. The prize for the winner was a signed poster of all the band members. The first number that was chosen was 203197. Our raffle ticket number...203198. With each number, Julie and I got more excited, only to feel dejected after the last number was called. Oh, well...

Afterwards, the band members drew names from a hat. If your name was drawn, you were called on stage to have your picture taken with the band. Many names were called, but about half of the people called were not there. There were, of course, the few wise crackers who shouted that they were the person called. After a long period of anticipation and excitement, the last name was called. (Not us, again...)

Following the picture draw, there was a Q&A session. The night before, there was a station set up for people to write their questions and put them into a bin. During the Q&A, H picked a question that a little girl wrote. It turned out that she was in the second row, so he called her on stage. She wanted to know how to make her singing career become a reality.

After Q&A, "Swap the Band" began. The first person swapped out was H for a teenage girl. They also swapped out Rothers for a guy who looked like he was in his thirties. These two sang and played guitar on "Kayleigh".

Next, the band swapped out Pete and Mark Kelly. The two substitutes played bass and keyboard on "The Party". Next, Ian was swapped out and a guy played drums for "Cover My Eyes", one of my favorite Marillion songs.

At this point, we knew that the "Swap the Band" concert was almost over, so I went outside to hold our place in line for the night concert. What I found funny was that there were already people in line who had stood outside for the entire "Swap the Band" so that they could get good spots for the night concert. After I got outside and had been on line for several minutes, Mom and Julie came running out to tell me that one of my favorite songs by Marillion, "Afraid of Sunlight", was being played. We traded places and I went back inside to watch. For this song, the band swapped out H for a female singer and Rothers was supplemented by a guy who played a second guitar. The woman who sang was amazing! She sang the song as if she were a professional! At the end of the song, there was a mad rush to get on line outside. For many people, there was no point in rushing because the line was already backed up around the corner.

Thus began our multi-hour wait for the last concert...



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