Monday, April 18, 2011

Snow In The Adirondacks

For about a year now, we have had a planned long weekend trip up to Montreal. Montreal in April, you say? What up with that? Well, the rock band Marillion gave us our excuse to see a French-speaking, European-like city right here in our own backyard when they announced that they would be holding their second-ever North American Marillion Weekend at L'Olympia, a beautiful, historic venue in downtown Montreal. (The first time this happened, two years ago, we were living in Asia, and so a North American Marillion Weekend did us no good.)

As we drove into the weekend, we were excited not just about three Marillion concerts in three nights (seven and a half hours of music!), but also about the chance to have a bit of a road trip together. And so, as we drove up through New York State, it was pretty cool to see snow in the higher elevations of the Adirondacks. ("Do you believe in miracles? Yes!")

Happiness is the road, indeed!



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